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Libations of Liberation, 
The Blooming Gift of Queer Black and Brown History

Friday Feb 10, 2023 My First Kiki Ball + Reflections

Mt. Hood XC Skiing Trip with P:EAR, shot by Cloud, Feb 10th 2023 i met an incredible old woman named Cloud today she's lost many friends on this Mountain With Awe and Love, she returns with Prayers that these Peaks will outlive us all She hopes I'll find the Path before it melts away I'll make it happen, Cloud The Sun will climb the Mountain

Dear Dairy, Moo, I tried two new things today. Cross country skiing and attended my first kiki ball Skiing was incredible I fell and fell and fell and each Time I loved the lessons of failure The ball was magnificent A dream within a dream within a Wish upon a Star So I’m standing there, BigBitty Sauce on my titties — and the category was Runway I don’t know what in the every season of ANTM possessed me to go out there and walk, but I did And It felt Good It felt natural It felt real and True


Ooh, wee, Baby Buddy, It felt like Freedom too “10s across the board!” “You did so well,” my friend shouted against the music, “Most people get chopped their first time walking Runway” I lost in the second round to an absolutely gorgeous young Black King It was an honor I am eager and excited to learn from the community around me

Eight Grade Banquet, Where Dancing was Forbidden, May 2011 Photo by Mary Noelle

Gay Depression and the Smile that Softens It, Freshman Year, April 2012 Photo by Lillie

“The next category is Face -- You should walk.” My friend whispered encouragement and advice All I could think was, “Idk about all that… " Because some of these MUGS are giving Sculpture SCRIPTURE Michael could never Sis, “Tine, Nine, Eight…” Feel the opening of yet another Gate I suddenly found my way to the stage Confronting every known and unknown ego I am calling imposter syndrome for what it is: Doubt, starring Viola Davis ft. Meryl Because No One the opening the door The Door is already Open Steep your toe into the Blessed Waters And Dare Dare to Dive Deep Splish Splash I Am finally Free to take up as much Space as I well Wish Wash, Watch It is Time I Am finally Free to Be all that is me, all that I can Be “10s across the board!” Band, BlueBand 007, they called me

I lost in the second round to an absolutely gorgeous young Black Queen

It was an honor I am eager and excited to learn from the community around me

Na akĩona ndogo-inĩ, sourced from Pintrest

title by c'est moi, photo by Some Colonizer

Gay with Wistful Angst, Freshman Year, April 2012

photo by Lillie

And we danced and we danced and we danced and we danced We celebrated Ourselves with Each Other And we danced OH LAWD The shimmer and shine of Melanated Joy Jua toka, eeeehhhhhh, Jua toka! The Sun rising from River RIOA wa RIOE This is one of those forever core Care Memories you share It Lifts with Laugher Beams of Love and Life Tins of Floating Fire, Kites ferrying Light Souls with Genuine Kindness

The room was filled with a Sweet perfect for a boy like me Libations of Liberation The Blooming Gift of Queer Black and Brown History


My First Kiki Ball + Reflections, Feb 10 2023 Cimmonography: c'est moi und Amirah Editorology: c'est moi wieder MUA Team: my mother's check bones, my father's nose, my grandfather's jaw, ears I have grown to love, lips that linger Outfit: Bitchin' Coat, Knit Sweater, Print Silk Shirt-- Gifted by Thrifters at P:EAR Pop-Up Pants -- Thrifted at Marion, IN GoodWill, Junior Year, 2019 Tee -- I've owned for 8 years, Mr. Price, Junction Mall, Nairobi Shoes -- I've worn with love for 6 years, Vans Sk8-Hi Blue Fog shoes -- i searched 3 months and found a deal for $30 on Earrings - ear cuffs I bought from Amazon because I lost the ones that were Gifted by Tamara Bracelet - Gifted Prayer Beads by Liam, bracelet I found in our laundry room

__________________ P.B.S Miss Ma’am, natural deodorant ain’t it when you suddenly become a #athlete a #runner a #trackstar

P.M.S Once I learn how to vogue, I'm leaving with all three trophies Watch and Believe Trust and Obey No One is Opening the Door I Am No One, I Am All, I Am Juan Girl, The Door is Already Open Respectfully and With Love, I AM I AM

Taking A Seat at the Table

She was Young and Wild and Free, She didn't Care Who Sees,from Kakamega CFS, Junior Year, January 2014

photo by Shivani

follow my gaze, I was never pretending, "wow you guys are amazing", from Sophomore Year Powder Puff Game, October 2012 photo by Silmi

Ona thigiriri nĩ irĩ ũũgĩ "Thimo cia ando arĩa me hau", from Proverbs of Those People Over There by RIOA wa RIOE


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