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I aM

🌞 Focus 🌞


I am shifting my intention

Look closely 


the “i am” series explores

all that is

right here, right now


the painfully delicate


present moment


i am

right here, right now


the story is in the details

Lean in 

the story is in the details

Lean in closer


I Am Here




I Am 

reading these words 

right now

combining letters into meaning

colors into

gestures into feeling


an ocean


with emptiness

with possibility 


the present moment

right here, right meow


Mhhhh, wow



Inhale Deeply


Exhale Slowly



Lean in 


Bloom Open


Blossom and

Lean in closer


The Story is in the Details  


I AM an artist’s statement”, an artist statement

From The Proverbs of Those People Over There


A Poetry Collection By RIOA wa RIOE

What if I told you... I AM I AM.jpg

Brandt Maina | RIOA wa RIOE (he/they)


is a Portland-based abstRact and absuRdist artist, writer, and performer from Nairobi, Kenya.


In the month of the year of our Lard,

May 2020, 

they graduated with a BFA in Acting and Vocal Performance from Taylor University,

a small conservative Christian University in rural Indiana.


Simply stated,

with a background in the arts, and fresh memories of being homeless in downtown Portland, Brandt is a tenderly traumatized queer who brings a strong collaborative spirit and gentle tenacity to ensure that every voice is heard



—————— Short Bio Bows Out


—————— Full Bio Rises



right at this very moment,

they are working to produce a tv pilot for a series on their postmodern experience of the American Dream, composing music for their Greco-African experience, Dionysian Rites, working to produce their two plays: Occasionally Other People Come In and The Blooming CHAOS if a Hot Summer,  work-shopping a short scene, Bard, Bird, developing their album, “she broke my G string”,

all the while, 

slowly releasing more than 8 collections/series of artwork documenting their experience as an immigrant applying for asylum status over the past year and a half,

July 2021 to...



Once more


I got it

And that,

right there,

is Good News


Brandt is also taking a health equity class with Oregon Health Equity Alliance and advocating for at-risk and homeless youth and Our Experiences. They are co-organizing a financial literacy resource workbook for fellow African Immigrants and Refugees



In diffusion, when the opportunity presents itself, they love to share stories with new friends over cups of tea


—————— Full Bio Bows Generously 

Hello Friend,


Thank you for supporting my sanctuary and classroom at P:EAR

Thank you for your donation or purchase of artwork

And for taking the Time to read this and wander around, comment, und subscribe

Thank you for being you, Here, just as you are


Peace and Lift and Laugh,
Love and Life and

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