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Photo Interpretation of series, "Prophetic Charcoal Dreams"

“Prophetic Charcoal Dreams” is a series of mixed media artwork by Portland-based Kenyan artist and writer, Brandt Maina. Juxtaposed against his Fall + Spring 2021/22 painting series, “i’m trying to fall in love with the Rain” and its play, Occasionally Other People Come In, these 24 expressionist pieces present themselves as a sequel which explores the dreamless dark side of Love, Life, Light and Time. 


Like two gods barking at each other, the charcoal series births its own thoughts into a dialogue which scratches at the precipice of One’s sanity. A breathing typo, my hippo


When experienced together, the mixed medium series “Prophetic Charcoal Dreams” and its play The Blooming CHAOS if a Hot Summer metamorphoses into a collection of good screaming. Absurdist gestures absurdly textured into slightly too violent moments of peace. It’s is the Shadow of my head resting on a tight fist meaw. It is the dissent scent of a big Black nose. Descent descent yield decent. Remember to forget. Dissolve into the Nothing before Time. CHA🌸S, Mother to us all



It is a night where I AM digging through the trash for mustard. A silent auction for a slick sliver of the Black satin of my soul. What is a genderfluid asylum seekers art worth? Lazuraction. The Sun is full on Moon creatures. The Sin is filled with lost promises trying to heal themselves. Rest and Remember. I am learning to love myself. Open me. I AM FREE

shattering bob a-2_edited_edited.png


Address: 2808 SE 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

Opening: Saturday 24th September, 2022

Time: 5pm - 10 pm

Closing: Friday 11th, November 2022

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