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Brandt Maina (he/they) is an artist, performer and writer from Nairobi, Kenya. They graduated with a BFA in Acting and Vocal Performance from Taylor University in May 2020. Currently, he is working to produce a tv pilot for a series on his experience of the postmodern American dream, composing music for their Greco-African experience, Dionysian Rites, and producing their play, Occasionally Other People Come In. They are also preparing for an upcoming photography show, gallery, and working on their next abstract painting series, “Prophetic Charcoal Dreams”. 

In a society that forces division based on differences in demographic, I seek to unify audiences by outlining how, despite our cultural origin and medium, the arts uniquely communicate and express the exact same human experiences -- no originality, just iteration.

I also identify as an
absurdist clown and would remind us all that we need not take ourselves too seriously. Formalities are for fools and egos for Kanye. 


Welcome to my digital journal
Delve as deep as you wish
All who return must leave an offering for the unknown gods


- All my love and light

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oil pastels

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